What is wrong with Being Black?

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's' newest book - What is Wrong with Being Black?

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Pastor Raphael Olabisi -
With great humility I commend this good work. This book is not only timely but has also open the eyes of understanding of this generation .You are indeed an apostle Paul figure of our immediate and future generations.

Thank you sir for this good work

Tokunbo Ishola -
I have never seen, heard, or read anything like this before. What a masterpiece and an eye opener. I really believe this book will go a long way in enlightening this generation and generations to come, as to the genuine Black history and the various ills of our community, clearly pointing out the need for a complete transformation of our minds, to achieve and attain that glory which once beautifies the Black race. Personally, I believe we can regain our glory and respect; we only need to turn to God as a people. I have three things to give to my children as legacies; God(through the Bible), Education(Godly and professional), and WIWWBB. Take it or leave it, through this book, the world should be ready for the coming wealth (Godliness, advancement, establishment, success, stability, wisdom, and unity) transfer, back to the Black people. I do not know and have not physically seen, all the great Black people (dead or alive), but Matthew Ashimolowo I have seen and known, and can say
without any restraint or fear, he is an Elijah for this generation. Shalom.

Valerie Seraphin -
I only saw the last fifteen minutes of your broadcast, however, what I saw was mind blowing and exciting. We as a nation need more informative programs if only to enlighten our children, to equip them to be better black people and to be proud of their heritage.

Sangwani Mwafulirwa -
I am writing from Malawi. I watch you preach on our national TV. I work as a journalist and the question of What isWrong With Being Black is a question that has been on my mind for along time.

Victor Murambiwa -
I'm a young Black African man in the UK from Zimbabwe and I would like to say your book has touched me in away I never thought possible. I am keen on black history and have studied it extensively. But your book has answered a part of history I knew little about. This book has transformed my way of thinking. Thank you

Charles Emeka -
To my Pastor,
I just wanted to say thank you for what you have allowed God to do through you. I applaud your boldness, courage, sacrifice.
This book will be a tool of liberation for millions of black people.
I am Cush- I am not cursed. I am grateful and I love you.

Demilade -
Highly Expository.
It is a brilliant work it balances the positive and negative sides of the Black race.

The book is very informative, inspirational and it changes the perception of the black man.

I am a good student of history. Indeed it is superb. It should be presented as a documentary for all to watch, learn, meditate and take positive action.

Pastor Moses Mtonga -
This is an answered prayer for me. I have wanted to read a book like this for a long time.
I believe that your book will bring enlighten the black race as a whole.

Sheila -
I watch your church broadcast every Thursday morning at 7:30AM, Toronto, Canada time. I am truly blessed and am learning every time. I have not read "What is wrong with being black", but am in the process of ordering it. May God continue to bless you as you are blessing us world-wide.

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