What is wrong with Being Black?

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's' newest book - What is Wrong with Being Black?


“What is Wrong with Being Black?” declares the truth not often presented accurately in our current history books. Therefore, I strongly believe that this project should be, and will be, a required read for High school and College campuses around the country. I applaud you for your apparent interest in this subject. However, I encourage you to not let it stop with you. This project should not just be read, but studied. Encourage your circle of family and friends to also read it and then schedule a discussion group so that you can further grapple with what you have learned. Also, it is important that you recognize how critical the information shared in this book is for our younger generations. “What is Wrong with Being Black?” should be shared with our youth in order to ensure that they are educated on their history and encouraged about their future.
- Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church


I commend Pastor Matthew for writing this seminal book that not only celebrates the past achievements of people of colour, but also provides an in-depth exposition of the so-called pathologies and conformations that afflict the present generation of blacks around the world. It provides some solutions and a lot of hope for the future. I heartily recommend this book to all, and especially to politicians, business leaders and academics – those who have a key role to play in effecting change.
- General Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


In this timely and relevant book, Matthew Ashimolowo submits a clinical diagnosis of the condition of the black Diaspora that goes beyond the usual pedestrian stereotyping of the black experience. With thoughtfulness and discernment, he takes us on a journey into the soul of black people. It is a journey that provides an intimate look into the various historical and sociological influences that have shaped the realities of black people – experiences ranging from the heritage of the African motherland through to the New World saga of the Caribbean and African-American communities as well as those of black people in Europe. The insights and ideas set out in this seminal work will both intrigue and challenge the enquiring mind and liberate the oppressed soul.
- Dr. Mensa Otabil, Chancellor of Central University, Ghana

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
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