What Bishop Long has to say
Bishop Eddie Long


Matthew Ashimolowo is not only an astoundingly powerful preacher, he is also one of the most impactful teachers I have ever encountered. He has an uncanny ability to make the most complex subject matter understandable and easily applicable. Along with his teaching skill, he is a man of great integrity whom God has given a great leadership role in the Body of Christ. Pastor Matthew (which is how I refer to him so as to not destroy the pronouncement of his last name) serves as a spiritual guide and mentor for not only laypersons but other Pastors, including myself, around the country.

If you have ever read any other works by Pastor Matthew, you are accustomed to finishing one of his books and having your mind revolutionized. However, I truly believe this project has exceeded Pastor Matthew’s previously stellar standard. The struggle that Black people and Black nations have faced has been an ongoing challenge that many scholars have attempted to explain. Although many of these scholars have done an adequate job, “What is Wrong with being Black?” transcends all other books that I have read on the subject. The most engaging aspect of this book is Pastor Matthew’s marriage of all elements of the challenge that Black people have faced. He discusses not only the role that politics, society, and economics play in the equation, but also the most vital role of religion or spirituality.

Let me caution you. If you are looking for a ‘whoa is me’ book that caters to a fault finding mission, this is not the book for you. Pastor Matthew very directly outlines for the reader the role that Black people have played in their own bondage. Although it acknowledges outside forces and the detrimental influences they have played, “What is Wrong with Being Black?” encourages Black people to take responsibility for their part in history.

“What is Wrong with Being Black?” declares the truth not often presented accurately in our current history books. Therefore, I strongly believe that this project should be, and will be, a required read for High school and College campuses around the country. I applaud you for your apparent interest in this subject. However, I encourage you to not let it stop with you. This project should not just be read, but studied. Encourage your circle of family and friends to also read it and then schedule a discussion group so that you can further grapple with what you have learned. Also, it is important that you recognize how critical the information shared in this book is for our younger generations. “What is Wrong with Being Black?” should be shared with our youth in order to ensure that they are educated on their history and encouraged about their future.

The power, strength, endurance and royalty that truly is the fiber of Black people should be celebrated. However it is difficult to celebrate what you don’t believe. Allow Pastor Matthew to reveal what has been hidden for so long. “What is Wrong with Being Black?” Absolutely nothing.

Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church


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